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How can we offer you lower prices than other companies offer for roof replacement?

We can because the owner, Keith McGonigle, meets with each customer and presents the quote himself, thus eliminating sales commissions to reps.

Your roof will be installed properly by our roofer and team at Clear Choice Home Improvements!

"Did you know that an improperly installed roof can void your warranty and is not guaranteed by your insurance company?

Improperly installed, the roof will eventually pull up with high winds," says Keith McGonigle, owner of Clear Choice Home Improvements.

"While other companies are taking shortcuts when installing roofs by using air guns to nail down the shingles, we choose to install the roof the right way - by hand nailing each shingle to ensure a solid connection," said McGonigle.

GAF Certified Roofing Installer

Our roofing installer has more than 30-years experience in roofing and is a Certified GAF Roofing Installer. Therefore, he is required to meet the highest standards in the roofing industry. (Only 4% of contractors are GAF Certified Contractors.)

Air Gun VS The Hammer (READ MORE)

Though most roofers use air guns to nail shingles because it is quicker, they risk causing you future problems.

Air guns can be held at wrong angles allowing for an improper connection.

Air guns are affected by outdoor temperature and causes a change in the pressure of the gun.

Hand nailing is the only way to ensure a proper connection.

Thank you so much for doing such a nice job on my roof. Your workers are very nice and they do a good job. I would recommend you to anyone.
Mrs. B., OH



Why should a roof be hand-nailed?


Because it better and the only way you can be assured the SHINGLES ARE INSTALLED CORRECTLY!

Let's go into a little more detail.

Most new roof failures are a result of improper installation and not defective shingles.

Most roofers today are applying roofs with nail guns today because it is less work and faster.

We don't! Clear Choice Home Improvements hand nails each roof shingle we install because we can guarantee that each nail is properly seated. Every nail is driven by hand using a hammer. This allows us to use the proper amount of pressure to be certain the nail is set properly on the shingle. A nail that is not set correctly on the shingle will cause problems and an improperly installed roof can invalidate your shingle guarantee.

The benefit of hand nailing each nail with a hammer is the roofer is able to give the proper amount of pressure to each nail to make certain a nail is set properly. This eliminates all the problems list below when the air gun is used.

Problems Caused by Using An Air Gun:

  • There is the lack of feel for the distance the nail goes into the shingle and the decking behind it.

  • There is a lack of feel if the nail goes into a crack instead of wood causing the shingle to be weak and vulnerable in high winds.

  • If several nail guns are sharing the same compressor, the pressure will change and vary the depth of the nail setting. Some will go too deep and other not deep enough.

  • If the guns is at an angle when the nail is shot, it can damage the shingle.

  • Air guns are affected by outdoor temperature which causes a change in the pressure of the gun.

Even some larger roofing companies reluctantly concede that hand nailing is best.

—Keith McGonigal, Owner
Clear Choice Home Improvements, LLC

Our roof installs roof the proper way - hand nailing!

Keith and Lynn,
Thank you so much for doing such a great job on our new roof. It's amazing how much better it looks. Enjoy dinner on us!

Rob & Teri, OH

Thank you for fitting us in so quickly in your busy schedule. You guys did a great job no mess and quick. My house has the prettiest roof on the street now!
Lois L., OH

Thank you, Keith. You made things more comfortable for me at a very rough time. (Who could concentrate on a roof while their spouse is dying?) I am so glad for you being there.
Mrs. A, OH


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